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Dec 28, 2012

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Jul 12, 2012

The Advantage of a Wooden Garage Door and How to Choose One

Perhaps you are in the midst of some major home renovation. While remodelling your home’s interior might be taking much time and consideration, it is essential not to overlook the exterior as well. If your steel or aluminium garage door greets you with a resounding squeak every time it’s opened, it could be time you replace it with something more practical and long lasting. If your heating costs are high in winter and you’ve been wondering why, check the insulation surrounding your garage. You could be losing heat through your steel or aluminium garage door.

It is a well-known fact that a wooden garage door is a better insulator than a typical door made of metal. Wooden garage doors will help retain heat much better than metal, therefore this material is considered to be energy efficient.

In addition, wooden garage doors have much aesthetic appeal. A garage door constructed of solid wood can beautify a house while offering rustic or country charm. When choosing your wooden garage door however, you must realise that not all are made equal. For instance, a garage door made with unfinished hardboard panels may cost considerably less than a door that has a smooth shiny finish, but consider the appearance. Finished wooden garage doors will enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior. Either way, you will be required to maintain your garage door by occasionally refinishing it.

Another advantage to buying a wooden garage door is that it is less likely to show dents as metal tends to do. When buying your wooden garage door, you might consider a rich maple finish or choose to paint it in the colour of your choice. Also, consider the weight of your garage door, as wood will often be heavier. This means your garage door opener should have a heavy horsepower.

Look for a wood garage door made with some type of polystyrene insulation. This material will provide maximum insulation and help keep energy bills down. If you prefer, your wooden garage door can also include removable window panels. You may also choose a double or single door design in wood.

If decorative hardware is important to you, keep in mind you may purchase this separately. Finally, be sure the wood finish or paint colour complements your existing exterior design. If your front door is made of cedar wood, choosing a garage door with a walnut or maple finish might not coordinate.

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May 4, 2012

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