Oct 17, 2011

Furoshiki wrapping cloth

Browsing around the web I ffffound  a great  idea for packaging  gifts. Furoshiki. It is a  Japanese  trend which takes it’s routs in Japanese tradition  to make knot-tied bags. Wrapping the gifts with amazing colorful Furoshiki can bring you the sense you are doing something good to the environment. The cloth is reusable and multipurpose.  It looks really stylish.  While giving away you can download and print from Internet instruction paper with  short history of Furoshiki and instruction manual. Your friends will be inspired to bring their positive contribution  to benefit the environment.

Furoshiki can be used for other million purposes

via https://www.loopto.com/link/

vid: http://vimeo.com/2321507

check out the Furoshiki  online  shop http://furoshikishop.com/

How to use Furoshiki

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