Jul 25, 2011
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Table planter

viavia http://www.contemporist.com/2011/09/12/plantable-by-jailmake-studio/

Description from the designers:

Plantable aims to take a domesticated object- taken away from nature, placed within glass and walls, and enable nature to claim it back once again. – The object discusses why we distance ourselves from the food and the processes that going into making it, the stuff that we put on our plate and consume everyday.

Each leg becomes a trellis to grow your own and inject a pocket of nature into our urban environment, we’ve tried and tested climbers, vines, tomatoes, grapes, herbs and sweet peas.

It is hand made in our workshops in South East London, where each leg is hand bent and fillet brazed into a steel framework. A hand made english oak top is then placed over it, for plenty to sit around.

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